The gallery Le Lieu Unique in Nantes (France) presents “Art Leu Family: caresser la peau du ciel”, an exhibition focused on the artworks created by the most famous family of artists in the world.

This is what Christian Jelk, the curator, wrote about this amazing upcoming event:

It is a diffuse but absolute feeling every time I enter the world of the Leu family: there is a world for itself, there is a construct of the spirit that took shape, a ‘vision of the world‘, warm, powerful, both offered and intimate, that allows Filip but also all the others, (I discovered later meeting with them) to deploy and inhabit their creation permanently (something that is fundamental, the building of a collective identity rooted in family).

The body of work here has a presence like an aura, which colors or neutralizes the often sinister reality of daily life on our planet. The originality is created from the ‘island’ of family. The collective magic allows a shattering of ones preconceptions.

When I met the Leu family and entered their artistic universes, I rediscovered precisely all those things that I imagined lost. This family knows the importance of building ones own universe. This is not a closed universe, but a skin: the place of all interactions and also the place that contains the bodies that define the contours of an identity.

This world body, this body-Leu, which allows everyone to let his creation unfold. It is this polymorphic body, this generous devil, which is offered to the gaze, offered to the viewer as a quasi amniotic envelope”.

Welcome to the world of the Art of the Leu Family…

April 6th – May 13th 2018
Le Lieu Unique
quai Ferdinand-Favre
Nantes, France
Vernissage: April 5th 2018

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