Femina | 30 mini tattoos that are taken for jewelry

During a beautiful weekend in September in the city by the bay, Lyle Tuttle – a San Francisco and world staple in tattooing – had his 70th year in tattooing retrospective exhibit and fundraiser for the future home of his historical art collection. At the Palace of fine arts, there was an all star cast of speakers throughout the weekend including Lyle, Don Ed Hardy, Leo Zulueta, Mary Jane Haake, Rambo of Manchester, and the one and only Bev Robinson.

Special exhibitors Dianne Mansfield and Shawn Barber brought historic photos and paintings of Tattoers and aficionados spanning decades. To round off the already epic weekend was Corey Miller, Steve Alba, Bobby Abarca and their band Powerflex 5 with their timeless surf sounds.

The weekend was filled with many reunions and artists and fans came from far and wide to appreciate and experience the glimpse into Lyles collection. This event came from a love for tattooing and preserving its history, there were many moving parts and many helping hands(too many to mention here), but making it all happen was Danielle Boiardi. If not for her hard work and vision, then weekend would not have gone the way it did.

Thank you Lyle for your diligence in amassing such a important collection for future generations of tattooing…

Text and photos by Juan Puente

Discover more about the exhibition here

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