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“My Tattoo World: a retrospective of photography work from the 90’s to today” by Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev

My Tattoo World is a selection of photographs, mainly portraits and nudes, depicting tattooed people: most of those images were taken in tattoo conventions, in a period of time from the early 90s to early 2000, while others were taken randomly, mostly between Milano and NYC, and are more contemporary.

Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev was born in Avellino, in 1968 and grew up in Milan, (Italy). She is a tattoo artist and a photographer, and a mother of 3. Elvia has been photographing since the early 90s, shooting friends, art shows, local bands, street social events, night life and tattoos; eventually started collaborating with the Italian tattoo magazine Tattoo Revue, and others, and has been on the road and at tattoo conventions throughout Europe until the early 2000. Moved to NYC in 2002, where she started working as a tattoo artist as well, and where she currently lives.

Here’s what she says about the exhibition: «Being tattooed and a tattooer myself, I certainly understand and live the fascination for tattoos and tattooed skin… something that is both modern and primordial at the same time, something that involves joy, excitement, pain and rebirth, something that can transform the human body in a living work of art. Tattoos help the individuals express themselves while finding an identity, they are a form of communication and a language that is possible to decode.

Tattoos may reflect the many changes in society, while remaining a constant factor in the history of humankind.

With this installment I want to show the timeless beauty of a tattooed body, the fierceness of the persons wearing those marks to me those bodies look like classic statues and they are beautifully and uniquely customized. This is also my homage to sensuality and creativity and to everyone’s unique individuality.»

If you are in NYC please join her for the opening on Saturday August 5th, at Gristle Gallery, 26 Bushwick Avenue, in Brooklyn, 7 to 10 pm.

And see you there!

“My Tattoo World: a retrospective of photography work from the 90’s to today”
by Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev
August 5 – Sept 1, 2017 at Gristle Gallery, 26 Bushwick ave. Brooklyn (NY)
Follow Elvia on Instagram: @elviaiannacconephotography

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