34 Continuous Line Tattoos That Are as Beautiful as They Are Simple

Skull and Bones Gallery presents its first Spring Art Show. It will be the first time that they have had a group show and they hope to make it a regular occurrence. The opening night this Saturday April 22nd, at 7 pm until 11, and is open to all. The show will hang in the gallery until June 3rd, 2017.

This show features a stellar line up of artists. They are:

Titine K. Leu, Filip Leu, Matthieu K. Leu, Jean Labourdette, Glen Paradis, Kore Flatmo, Aarom Hemmersbach, Chris Stans, Adrienne Traviss, Alex Adams, Jamie McPherson, Shane D. Murray, Jonathan Caballero, Jordy Doubt, Scott Bramble, Mike Davis, Luke Atkinson, Joe Capobianco, Scott Veldhoen, Jasyn Lucas, Sean Treble, Kurt Wiscombe

1769 Portage Ave (2nd floor), Winnipeg, Canada

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