10 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

Contestarte 22-23-24-25 May 2017, San Felice Circeo (Italy)

The fifth edition of Contestarte, organised by Andrea Pallocchini, was held from 22nd to 25th May. Four days dedicated to art and against the breathtaking backdrop of San Felice al Circeo. Every year sees a gathering of tattoo artists who leave the needles and ink at home to create unique works of art with brushes and paint.

The theme chosen this year for the contestants at Contestarte to show their mettle was the dragon: a classic icon of tattoo and a legendary creature, known in so many different mythologies and cultures, a symbol of fertility but also of birth and death. The dragon represents the idea of transformation and evolution through the interpenetration of the beginning and the end. While in the West it was a symbol of evil, in the Orient, the dragon is a creature with divine attributes, capable of controlling the forces of nature.

We leave you with some shots taken during the inauguration and the names of the winners: this year too was a roaring success and we will be expecting you next year in San Felice al Circeo!

Painting Category
1st Aimee Cornwell
2nd Delia Vico
3rd Padox
Drawing Category
1st Vale Lovette
2nd Alessandro Arbi
3rd Segio Messina
Mixed Media Category
1st Bue
2nd Namiko
3rd Gioele Orru’

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